... constantly working out the details...

... constantly working out the details...

Friday, March 17, 2006

Do you watch television?

This is a question that alot of people lie about. I personally wish that I could say i didn't, but I do. I watch TV most weeknights from 2-4 in the morning. I havent always. When i was in Undergraduate I PAwned my TV and used the money to buy Fugazi instrument, only to realize i had no tv to watch it on...

Either way, my favorite part of TV is the commercials. Every so often there is something admirable but usually I cannot believe that there are people who spend money on this crap. lets see whats on tonight

I used to bag on the axe perfume or cologne whatever. Advertizing to losers like me by showing skinny kinda average joe with hordes of women throwing themselves at him because of his artificial smell.

Brilliant yes, but not as good as their new campaign, which promises to wash away the sins of sleeping with questionable people, which i think happens a lot more than the former scenario. Thats the way things usually go for me, but i have never used the axe products.

Hydroxy cut, pills to lose weight. Bullshit. if you want to lose weight, Mr rollins had it nailed with the 7 word diet Eat less, Eat better, Move your body.

Ok, so next Diamonds Fuck diamonds. Period. Through politiacal pressure and tactics which border on slavery or genocide a few wealthy families have pumped money out of impoverished nations in africa, by convincing materialistic goons in the us and europe that a not that uncommon or rare stone is the official symbol of love. trust me dude if she won't go down on you before the diamond, it probably wont make a difference.

And lastly a girl trying on clothes and listening to black eyed peas song "My humps" what a shitty song. fergie ruined the black eyed peas. Followed by one with a hockey team that gets psyched by listening to yellowcard. What kind of limp dick hockey team gets psyched listening to a whiny violin "punk" complaining about heartbreak. what kind of hockey team listens to yellow card at all ? I bet the kind that gets thier asses kicked by the team that plays slayer in thier locker room.

and with that I am out, Sorry for the errors,i am too tired to proofread or even spellcheck this post, go ahead and leave corrections in the comments.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Everybody should DADA

So the review for the Dada exhibit at the national gallery. I have been down to see the show twice now, once during the week, and once on a Sunday. If I can make a recommendation, please go during the week, time permitting. This exhibit is very educational, with a mass of information coming to you in all media, about the artists, the scene, the works, the materials, everything. There is a paragraph about each individual piece!

Now I am not one to complain about having to read things, quite the opposite, in fact. The show is setup more as a museum exhibit than it is in a traditional art gallery style. The show takes a controversial movement in art, politics, and history, and demystifies it for the viewers. For example, explaining what sound poems were, and their meaning, as opposed to just playing what might sound like unintelligible babble through a sound room to a lot of confused tourists.

The only drawback to this style of exhibit, is that as in the museums, most of the pieces are re-enactments of the originals. Which holds a certain amount of irony to have recreations of "readymade" sculptures.

The target demographic for this show is still tourists, so it is packed on weekends, and there is a lot of cheesy crap for sale at the gallery (see previous post), so prepare yourself for that. Other than that, the work is not only well put together (as a show) and very well represents the time period and movement, but also informative and entertaining.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Everyone can DADA!

So, Dada is in town. The national gallery is hosting a Dada exhibit, more on that later this week.

But any who, If you don't know, Dada was a movement around the time of and in reaction to World war one. I never know for sure if I love the dadas or hate them, on one hand they did open a whole new can of worms in the art world, making it ok to use new materials, and mediums, focusing more importance on concept, and Idea than the process of art making. On the other hand they opened a whole new can of worms in the art world, making it ok to use new materials, and mediums, focusing more importance on concept, and Idea than the process of art making.

One thing is for certain seeing this exhibit, the Dada loved themselves. Their work even has the word Dada appearing in paintings, sculpture, collage, everything. They must have been stoked about their movement I guess.

Any way here is the interesting part. The title of one of the first Dada exhibits was "everyone can Dada!" and the national gallery has totally capitalized on this. It is awesome the merchandise you can buy there. My personal favorites were the DADA refrigerator poetry set, The "make your own Dada art kit" and the crowning glory the "punkrock style bottlecap 'everyone can Dada' belt with seatbelt buckle". How about that for readymade Mr Duchamp?

these Items are awesome. They bring all the emotion, despair and confusion out of a recovering warzone filled with propaganda and package it down into a fun rainy day kit.

Kit comes complete with authentic replica newspaper clippings, glue and paper.

poetry blocks are the same as the other poetry blocks except they have a cool new/antique block print font on them. Take that establishment! We will now turn your words against you! May all who see my fridge know that I am raging against the machine! And all From the comfort of my apartment/office/cubicle/moonbeam/

look this could go on for days and I have lost my point and nobody really reads this crap anyway.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Me vs the culturally astute

Last night I spent the whole night in my studio, working and drinking and listening to my friend play air guitar along to some jam band. You might not think that one could hear someone play air guitar, or even that an air guitar made any noise, but Petes does, it goes Weooww-weo-weoow-neener-enat-neeow. and the more we drink, the louder it gets

Speaking of air guitar, lets revisit the last post. I didn't really like that show that much. To me everything was boring, except for the air guitar, and the CVS record. The rest of the show shows very little creativity or talent. It kind of looks like these Corcoran students just pitched the idea to the gallery and the gallery said ok.

But, to be fair, It is not really my style of art.

One of the things that irked (sp) me the most about this show was that the press release describes these artists as culturally astute. This cannot be an accurate description.

For the longest time, art has been a high class, wealthy, white collar pastime, mostly because it was/is expensive to make, and therefore was expensive to own.

Now in the new age of technology we have a set of "new media" DVDs, projection, internet, sound, electronics. This is your chance video artists! Make work, reproduce it and sell it affordably to the public! Reach the masses, save the art world from itself.

But no, that wont ever happen. We are too arrogant to sell a DVD of our work for less than 800 dollars. Usually 1000.

Why doesn't the public support art you ask? Maybe because they aren't as culturally astute as the artists. This is making my head hurt it just seems so ridiculous