... constantly working out the details...

... constantly working out the details...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hamiltonian Artists MArch 27th

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New Work:  Katherine MannMichael Enn Sirvet & Christian Benefiel
Opening Saturday, March 27, 2010, 7-9 pm

Hamiltonian Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new works byHamiltonian Fellows Katherine MannMichael Enn Sirvet and Christian Benefiel. In moments both subtle and cacophonous, each artist reflects on often-overlooked nuances in their environments in which they live and environments created through their work.

MannKatherine Mann's paintings take the viewer into wildly vivid landscapes that teeter between recognizable matter and abstraction.  Mann initiates her paintings with pours of ink and paint and creates a colorful base of blobby stains bleeding into one another.  On top sit carefully    rendered shapes, outlined drips and structures that form interlocking systems.  Mann elegantly overflows her paintings with ambiguous forms, which recall elements found in the sea, in the sky, and under the microscope, yet remain unidentifiable. Katherine Mann relates this poetic smash-up of incongruous pieces to her own life of heterogeneity.

sirvetShingled cherry-wood plates umbrella out into an imposing conical shape,which gracefully hangs from the gallery ceiling.  Nature is the source of wonderment and inspiration for Michael Enn Sirvet'sabstracted, archetypal sculptures.  In his newest work, Sirvet creates structures on a scale relatable to one's own body through forms that suggest a human-sized cocoon, a gigantic seedpod, or represent the feeling of wind enveloping the body.  Sirvet observes and restructures nature in his work to relay to the viewer his sense of reverence for nature.

BenefielChristian Benefiel literally draws from his environment by implementing reclaimed and recycled materials and parts made from disassembled, mass-produced, low quality construction debris.  By recontextualizing machine-made products, Benefiel imbues them with the essence of specialized labor and craft of building.  Benefiel's assemblages physically engage the viewer to be more hands-on, which reflects his sincere nostalgia for a more authentic, handcrafted, production industry.

This exhibition will run from March 27 - May 1, 2010, with an opening reception onSaturday, March 27, 2010, from 7:00 - 9:00 pm.  

Please contact Hamiltonian Gallery Director Jacqueline Ionita with all inquiries.  202.332.1116, Jackie [@]hamiltoniangallery.com

Hamiltonian Artists
Hamiltonian Gallery
1353 U Street, NW
Suite 101
Washington, DC  20009

Thursday, March 04, 2010

coming up

Hello all, 

I  Hope that you have all are digging your way  out of winter. Here are two shows that i am in this weekend, the First is in Chicago IL, so if you are out there, please stop in and check it out. Opening is this Friday from 6-9 at the ARC gallery, 832 W superior #204, Chicago IL. There are a lot of works in this show, and I have a small rust piece. 

Also I am going to be a part of the Microwave project at the G40 art summit in Crystal City VA on Saturday. 

I hope to see you out at the openings, But if you miss them both shows run through the end of March.

I will be sending out another announcement soon about spring events. 

ok great, hope all is well 


Dear Art Enthusiasts, 
Get inspired for spring at ARC Gallery Friday March 5, from 6-9 pm by attending the "Materiality," Opening Reception. A vibrant display of colors, textures, and innovative concepts around materials comes just in time for the sun to start shining and the birds to start chirping! 

Here's a sneak peak of the exhibit:http://bit.ly/MaterialityExhibitARC
See you there! 
The ARC Membership

Exhibition Dates:  March 3-28, 2010
Opening Reception:  Friday March. 12th, from 6-9 pm

Gallery hours:  Wed.-Sat. 12-6 pm, and Sun. 12-4 pm

March 2010

ARC Gallery Juried Exhibition: "Materiality" 
View Photo Album of Exhibit:http://bit.ly/MaterialityExhibitARC
ARC is proud to be hosting "Materiality," a group exhibition juried by Jeanne N. Long, Independent Curator and Associate Director of Special Exhibitions at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  The exhibition explores the place of material in contemporary art practice, encouraging innovative approaches to working with material-including but not limited to traditional domestic crafts, fibers, building materials, found objects, trash, etc. Immateriality is defined as having no consequence, and history often grouped craft, low-art, and the feminine as such. As the do it yourself aesthetic hits mainstream and the processes of the feminine domestic are re-invented into social activism, bricoleurs (matter makers) are at the forefront. So what is materiality in the 21st century? Artists will examine not only the value of material and its uses, but the meaning within formal, social, political, or ecological contexts.
List of Exhibitors:
Caroline Anderson
Kristina Bell DiTullo
Christian Benefiel
Elisa Berry
Carrie Betlyn-Eder
Peter Bullock
Michael Cain
Susan Case
Cassie Christenson-Edwards
Candace Downing
Emily Eakes
Liz Ensz
Firat Erdim
Kristina Estell
Carrie Fucile
Faith Hagenhofer
Hyeon Jung Kim
Julia Kemerer
Kristi Kohut
Julie Kornblum
Carrie Larson
Elizabeth Leal
Kelly McCafferty
Darcy Meeker
Jason Meyer
Claire Micklin
Sarah Nishiura
Ken O'Toole
Marcy Pope
Renee Prisble Una
Kerianne Quick
Cheri Reif Naselli
Linda Robinson Gordon
Naomi Schliesman
Anne Spence
Susan Springer Anderson
Olivia Valentine
Georgina Valverde
Niles Wallace
Cheryl Wassenaar
Nicki Werner
Jeff and Sabrina Williams
Fo Wilson
Brian Yates
The Materiality Exhibit runs from March 3-28, 2010. Don't miss it!