... constantly working out the details...

... constantly working out the details...

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Fuck the Queen

I should preface this post by first of all thanking everyone in the UK who has shown me so much hospitality and generosity over the last few weeks, Carrie, Hugh, Tiff, Len, Jane, lawrence, brian, butley mills, Clementine, Matt sigmon, thanks for all you have done for us and I hope that someday i can repay you....

but the show must go on... so....

long time no posty. Been busy for the last few months, and the dust is finnally settling here in london england. I dont think that the UK is really for me. It might be nice for you, but not for me.

Ways to tell if a trip to the uk would make an ideal vacation for you.

* it should be mentioned that i will be using this symbol # to represent the GBP as I dont have the proper L sign on my keyboard.

-You like things to cost twice as much and your money to be worth half its face value.
(ie one roll of [crappy] duct tape 6.00# = $12.00.)

-Do not often plan "Outside Activities"

-Belief that all food should taste exactly the same, reguardless of color or ingredients

-you have done something terrible and believe you should be punished for a predetermined length of time

-are willing to turn a blind eye to your own countries involvement in international affairs so that you have a reason for your distaste for american mannerisms.

-have 16 dollars per day to spend on the commute (full disclosure- A brittish couple today gave elizabeth and i their day passes at the train station)

-you are not worried about whether or not your brittish friends come to see you.

-confusion over the words "free" and "for a small fee" (this one must be one of those things where I say "tomato", you say "that will be three pound sixty")

-you are incapable of attending a soccer (football) match without a riot, yet throw a mild temper tantrum if someone speaks during wimbeldon.

-you have time to kill in customs.

-inability to choose between standard and metric

-all the flat beer you can drink, by the pint or by the liter.

*It should also be noted that both my brittish excursions happen to fall around a four day stint in amsterdam, land of bicycles, canals, the dutch masters and relaxed laws pertaining most vices.

back to finland in a few days, to set up my last show in eastern europe for a while. I have had two other shows since my last post. one in Paldeski estonia, and one in pirkkala finland. pictures in a little while

also, i was the program director for the 2007 pirkkala sculpture symposium, which went extremely well. Pictures soon.

arriving in the US sometime on july 17, i think around 2 pm. party over there!