... constantly working out the details...

... constantly working out the details...

Monday, March 26, 2007


What has been going on with me, i ll tell you what. the cold is ending, the darkness is over. its warming up and light out side untill like 8 pm. All winter i have been thinking that i would be able to climb out of this depression when the weather got better. But to no avail i guess. It seems to be harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning, and the nighttime hours seem to slip away.

In other news, i was on the televison here, in an commercial for A.leCoq beer. Funny story, i will tell it someday

working on totally different things, and living in my studio in the woods. i think if you live in tallinn it is imperative to your well being to live in the center of town. I havent really spoken to anyone in person in like 3 days. hoping to get into the city tomorrow, have to buy speaker wire for what i am working on now.

In other other news, i am very excited about my return to the US for a few days to attend the Southern Conference on Cast Iron Art If you are there, we will have to hang out, if not then snot.

No other news, I guess, haha! other than i have been given a web cam and a skype address. hit me up and i will send you the address if you want to see my shining face, and hear a voice so smooth you cant believe its not butter!

once again no spell check.