... constantly working out the details...

... constantly working out the details...

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Forum box

The Forum Box is currently showing work by Turku Artist, Hannakaisa Oksane. The Majority of the work is scululptural in nature, featuing several wall pieces reminicent of painting. Using wood as a primary material, the artist has developed a cohesive body of work, involving thread or sewing technique as the primary form of joinery. The work relies heavily on contextual reference inherent in the materials. Wood and twine used for the most part to create abstract often explosive forms, some of which allude to themes of femininity or domestic discontent through the loaded imagery (dresses, Needles etc.)

For the most part the strength of the show is in the abstract sculptures, pieces like Uhka, an urchin of wooden steaks, precariously balanced and restrained with what remains of the hook from an old chain fall.

The majority of the two dimensional pieces reiterate the what the artist is doing with the three dimensional work, and while fine aesthetically, the ideas work much better off the walls.

The stand out in the show for me is the piece Pieli Nelua. A needle and thread whittled from wood, this work combines the materialistic and conceptual themes of the exhibit, while presenting them in a starkly different manner than the other work on display.


So here we are. things are good so far. The persons at the Fulbright center were spectacular. Things are being worked out as far as space for the fall and there is room already for the foundry work to begin. Sadly, that room is currently filled with crap which will need to be removed and sorted out before we are able to really start building. There is a plan to have courses ready to teach some time in the end of November perhaps, we will have to see how it goes. Beyond that, there are phenomenal studio spaces her and i am excited to begin working. There is a possibility of a show here in the spring, which I am excited about.

Helsinki is a beautiful city. There are parks and trees everywhere and we have yet to find an area which is not immediately accessible by rail, bus or bike. Very modern, in fact it often feels like we are a few years in the future when we are walking around here.

The language is tough, but we are trying our best to muscle through it. I am hoping to be on point when Christmas comes around, but we will see.