... constantly working out the details...

... constantly working out the details...

Saturday, May 20, 2006

news and blues.

long time no post.

Today I saw a phenomenon that i have been noticing more and more recently. kids smoking. I dont thiknk it is more prevelant, but just that the older I get the more I notice these sorts of things. It is quite a prediciment, knowing firsthand the pain they are setting themselves up for. I wish I could tell them to quit now while they still can. I hate it. I think about what I was thinking when I was that age, and I know that I wouldn't have listened to me, and imagine that the kids now won't either. "Too bad for them" I think, but in keeping quiet, am i really just holding onto my youth, afraid of seeming uncool or outdated?

I do not think this is the case, I guess that smoking is a hazard of being "conventionally cool". I suppose that that is also the phenomenon that i have been seeing recently. conventional coolness. People I know, myself included, and most people are guilty of doing stupid things because media has them convincend that it is either fun, sexy, entertaining, beneficial, whatever.

I used to have beer posters in my room, back when i was still drinking for fun, it was like a hobby, what i did on weekend nights, and i liked it. now here i am, a borderline alcoholic who cant even post but once a month. I was conventially cool, i thought.

This is the new american dream, to buy what we are told is great, and its funny to catch myself living it, little things, but superfluous, ipods, cigarettes, shoes, all kinds of little wastes of money.

on a tangent...
Another example, I saw a lady in the store with what I assume was a child he was responsible for. They were both wearing tight baby tees, with fairly risqe prases on the front of them in glitter, it was kindof disturbing. your 11 year old daughter does not need a baby tee that says "troublemaker" on it. Really noone needs this crap. Do we really need to make our culture more skeezy (sp)? Seriously, Mom in a classy little getup is bad enough, but the kid? I hate this town.

It's miller time for the cool kids.