... constantly working out the details...

... constantly working out the details...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Friday, January 18, 2008

Where have you been all these years


again it was my birthday this week. I am not feeling old necessarily, but have am realizing every day that I am not young any more. I have been pretty busy working out a thesis for my MFA, but have been working fairly diligently and believe i am on the right path. As usual, the writing is the hardest part for me. I write at roughly the same level as a third grade boy, mostly hyperbole and unsubstantiated rhetoric. As a result, the more I apply for grants and the such, the more writing I have to do. I have been fortunate enough to hang out with several folks who are pretty decent writers, and having them edit and revise my work has been a valuable resource so far.

Currently you can see my work at Woodman Studios, 1414 woodman Ave Silver spring, MD

Or at the Museum at the mansion at Strathmore, As a part of the WSG show "Hand Made"

Coming up in February, I will be showing at washington Square as part of the Sculpture NOW! 2008 exhibit, Maybe, if they get over thier size restrictions.

Also amidst all of this, I am trying to figure out the rest of my life, I currently have resumes on the table at over 30 academic institutions, Several galleries, Grants and god knows what else. If you are interested in Getting a resume, let me know.

So as far as what else i may be doing, look for pictures coming soon, right now it is all iron bread and inflatable sail fabric sculptures.

good times good times.