... constantly working out the details...

... constantly working out the details...

Monday, February 12, 2007

sweedish fish

So how was Stockholm you might ask? It wasn't much fun, just cold and boring. Sweden differs from the rest of Europe by being very socialist, and taxing the hell out of everything. so that's a drag. It is similar to the US in the fact that they have Sunday beers. (Sunday beer is 3.5% beer that can be bought on Sunday in some states where blue law prohibits the purchase of alcohol on Sundays) The problem is that they have Sunday beer all day everyday, in order to get normal beer you have to go to the alcohol shop, which has fewer hours than most American banks. So that was a drag. Working for Villu was a success, although we did have trouble with the motion detectors.

My only real trouble was after i went out to dinner the last night, I didn't know whether or not to tip. Seriously, do you tip socialists? I settled on 7 percent, and left as quickly as possible.

Also the so called party boat failed to live up to its hype, it was was more along the lines of those old folks buses that travel around the us, but with expensive food and bar tabs. I think i spent alot of money this past week, but cannot be sure until tomorrow because I never quite got the hang of the Swedish Crown.

There was an exhibition that i gatecrashed for Pipilotti Rist, where the work was great, but the folks at the opening were fairly annoying.

Back in Tallinn, things are happening, I have a Phone finally. email me and I will send the number to you. Also I was forced to shave, in order to fit a respirator on my face, to work with everybody's favorite thing, bondo, and as a result i have been very cold in the neck area, so i bought a scarf. I noticed like two days ago that almost everything i own is either black or brown or navy blue, and it seems rather drab, so i chose a bright red one to offset this. Hooray. It got colder since my last post, now, there is ice on the inside of the door handle from condensation. it is wild.

Lastly, I was just thinking of how I am a little more self conscious about my weight over here. (trying not to emphasize any generalizations about Americans, and decided maybe its time to ride the snake.