... constantly working out the details...

... constantly working out the details...

Friday, July 21, 2006

The hardest working lazy slob ever...

I had a rough night last night. First I jumped through a fire only to really hurt my knee, then I saw my own reflection in the mirror, and realized how out of shape I am. It always seems to happen, I never exercise, then do something remotely aerobic, and wind up with a pulled something or the other. It Inspires good work though, at least work that I think is fun to make.

Speaking of which, this is the newest piece I have completed at Franconia. It has a little more allure in person, as it is a kinetic sculpture of sorts. I am pleased with the results, but The park hates it and wants me to do something else... too bad I guess, Maybe the people of Washington DC will like it more. We will have to find out this fall.

In other exciting news, Lori Greenblatt is my featured Franconia artist this time around. A jersey girl to the bone, Lori received her BFA from Alfred University In 2006. Focusing mainly on metal casting her work deals with issues of femininity and a reflection on her own personal frailty and Ailments.

This work, along with others, that she is making out here, has been a departure into using other materials such as steel and Fiberglas resin. The new materials and methods she has been using are vastly improving her work at an impressive pace. I will give you two slides since she has no website to link to...

Lori currently lives and shows in New Jersey and New York.

I am going to go ice my knee.

Friday, July 14, 2006

The lazy days of July

It is almost 100 degrees outside. It hasn't rained in almost a month, and there is no change in sight. Other than the weather, there have been other developments here. First I have completed a new piece, which I like but do not think I want to leave here, I may take it back to MD. Unfortunately the park hates it and will not give me more supplies to make a new piece in the same vein. Off to the scrapers I go!

Dread Scott just left after finishing his piece for the park. Dread makes radical political work, primarily about the authority of the state and the abuse of that authority, As well as a different take on modern day racism. His work is more complex than that, I suggest checking out the link. Dread is a communist, Not just one of the liberal wieridos who really likes stuff that says CCCP on it, but an actual red blooded revolutionary communist, which was interesting to talk to someone educated on the topic. He left some stuff to read, and a DVD... (communist DVD that seems odd to me), and I will get around to it, but until then I still don't think it will work too well. People are too evil and self centered. We do not deserve communism or utopian socialism.

Speaking of, I worked for a CSA farm known as Foxtail Farms this week. Here is more information on Community Supported Agriculture. This farm collects dues from its members each spring, and then as a member of the farm you get a big box of fresh locally grown organic fruit and vegetables delivered to your door every week. They even include recipes (Many of them vegetarian) to feed a family of four with the vegetables in each weeks box. The park has a work exchange program going with them, so instead of Paying dues, we actually get to work the farm. These CSA farms are all over the country, and many of them accept interns and apprenticeships for the summer. I Highly recommend it as something to look into, either for food, or for something to do for the summer.

When I started posting from Franconia, I originally had plans to show you profiles of different artists that work here each week, but unfortunately no one has sent me any slides of their work yet. Until, Michael P Shanley sent me this Piece which he calls Portrait of Nature, (or Chicken Bone) Check it out...

Portrait of Nature (The Chicken Leg)
6.1 ft x 2.10 ft x 3 ft   
Fiberglass steel and rope,

Mikes work, a strange aesthetic balance of the beautiful and the grotesque, is based in Meditation, self-reflection and is intended to instill introspective thoughts in the viewer based on life experiences. The work, while sometimes too personal if explained, often succeeds much better on its own in silence.

Mike currently lives and shows in The Northeast US.

And lastly, after years of looking,I bought a trombone this week. It was $24 Awesome.